Studying Linguistics:

When you study linguistics at any level, you gain insight into one of the most fundamental parts of being human- the ability to communicate through language. You can study every aspect of language from functional theory to language acquisition to psycholinguistics. Studying linguistics enables you to understand how language works, how it is used and how it is developed and preserved over time.

The Science of Linguistics:
Linguists are not only polyglots, grammarians, and word lovers. They are researchers dedicated to the systematic study of language who apply the scientific method by making observations, testing hypotheses, and developing theories. The science of language encompasses more than sounds, grammar, and meaning. When you study linguistics, you are at the crossroads of every discipline.

Careers in linguistics:
Teaching, publishing, national security, international affairs, forensics, medicine and technology
Linguistics Society of America (


Nancy Frampton (FT)


LING 10** Introduction to Language
LING 11** introduction to Language for Teachers

Degree Applicability:

  • CSU, Fresno Elementary Education Teaching Credential Program Degree Preparation (LING 11)
  • Reedley College English Associate in Arts Degree Applicable
  • Reedley College English Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer Applicable
  • Reedley College Foreign Language Associate in Arts Degree Applicable
  • Other Reedley College Degrees: G.E. (Area C: Humanities)
  • CSU & UC Transferable

* Oakhurst faculty
** Classes also offered at Oakhurst
FT = Full Time

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