Understanding & Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace

Program Details

Program Highlights

  • Gain the workplace advantage of understanding people's behavior
  • Become more comfortable around people who are different from you
  • Learn how to leverage diversity to meet your goals and achieve success

Who Should Attend

  • Working professionals who want to be more productive and more successful in the workplace

Generational Diversity | TBD

Work on cross-generational teams can be challenging. Different approaches are needed to lead, communicate with, and motivate people from different generations. This training will help you be more successful with the four generations in today's workplace.

  • Learn about the values and characteristics of each generation
  • Understand the influences that formed each generation
  • Gain tools and techniques to effectively work with each generation

Personality Diversity | TBD

Improve your working relationships by understanding different personalities. In this training, you will learn about the strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits of four types of people. While you can't change other people, you can change the way you approach them.

  • Take the Wired That Way Personality Profile to reveal your dominant personality type
  • Learn how to work to your own strengths and the strengths of others
  • Gain respect for individual differences, and learn how to work with others based on personality

Cultural Diversity | TBD

Understanding, respecting, and valuing cultural backgrounds is essential in today's diverse workplace. Learn about cultural diversity, the problems that results from stereotyping, and how to appreciate the positive impact of diversity.

  • Learn about the four layers of cultural diversity and how they are formed over time
  • Understand your own cultural programming, and how you see people who are different from you
  • Gain respect and appreciation for cultural differences and identify the positive impact of diversity in the workplace


Dates & Times



SCCCD Herndon Campus, 390 W Fir Avenue, Building B, Room 308, Clovis, CA 93611

Registration Fee

$95 per session, $240 for all 3 sessions

Space is limited! Registration in advance is required! Call: 559.243.7530


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