ASB Representation Fee

A student representative fee of $1.00 is charged each semester, excluding summer session, to students taking classes at Reedley College, Fresno City College, and Clovis Community College, including the community campus locations. The fee is charged at each location a student attends, so students attending all three locations would be charged a total of $3.00. The Board of Governors' Fee Waiver will not waive this fee.

The money collected from the student fee shall be expended to provide support for students or representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county and district government and before offices and agencies of the state and federal government. The fee is mandatory; however, students have the right to request a waiver for religious, political, moral, or financial reasons.

Student Representation Fee Waiver forms are available online or at the Business Office, the Associated Students Government Office.  The form must be delivered in person to the Business Services Office. This information can be verified on WebAdvisor. You have 14 days from the beginning of the term to decline this fee. No refund or reimbursement will be given once the fee is collected.

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