Reading and Writing Center

Fall/Spring Semester Hours

Monday through Thursday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (writing appointments available beginning at 9:00 AM)
Friday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (writing appointments available beginning at 9:00 AM)

Summer Hours

Monday through Thursday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Contact Information

Reading and Writing Center Coordinator: Matthew Kenerly

Phone: 559-675-4846

Location: Room R1A

Special note regarding Reading and Writing Center tutoring for Fall 2020

The RWC will offer two online feedback services through the Madera/Oakhurst Online Tutoring Canvas page. In-person tutoring will not be available. To request RWC feedback online, please self-enroll for the Mad/Oak OT Canvas course.

Having trouble getting started with a writing assignment? Not sure what else to write about in your draft, or if it is even saying what you want it to say? Need help making sure your MLA or APA citations are in place? Do the “write” thing and work with a tutor at the Reading and Writing Center (RWC) in room R1A, where we can offer feedback on writing from across the curriculum at any point in the process.

How does the Reading and Writing Center work?

The RWC features 50-minute appointments that start at the top of each hour during our regular hours. Students who work one-on-one with an RWC tutor can print up to ten (10) pages for free, too, and there are laptops available for use.
We also offer two different choices for receiving feedback online, too, through the Madera/Oakhurst Online Tutoring Canvas page. If you don’t have time to visit the RWC in person, you can submit your writing to us online and, within 48-72 hours, we will give you feedback and some resources that we think may help you when you begin working on the next draft.

What kind of writing do you help with at the RWC?

Much of the work that student writers bring to the RWC comes from MCC's English courses, but we can help with writing from every discipline. Whether students have a draft from a History course about the Civil War, a report from a Nursing course, or an interpretation of a painting from an Art course, we can read and respond to whatever writers are working on.

How many appointments can I make at the RWC?

There is no restriction on how many 50-minutes appointments a student can make throughout a week, whether it’s in person or online. If you know you have more than one big question you want to have answered, don’t hesitate to make time for more than one appointment!

Can I schedule an appointment at the RWC as part of a group?

Yes, but keep in mind that you must obtain permission from your instructor in order to do so. We can have multiple tutors help multiple student writers if the need arises.

Do I actually need a full draft to get help at the RWC?

Nope. Students can bring a prompt for a writing assignment if they need help getting started and they can bring partial drafts, as well.

Can I get my draft proofread at the RWC?

Not quite. While we are happy to help students address questions about grammar, RWC tutors strive to give students the power to make their own corrections. This means that both tutor and writer will examine texts together for patterns of error, but writers must be prepared to read their own drafts closely to self-correct those patterns.

Can I bring my draft to the RWC an hour before it's due and get help?

You can, but keep in mind that reading and responding to writing takes time! We'll always try to do what we can, but we always encourage student writers to be proactive and make an appointment (or multiple appointments) as soon as they realize that they'll need some help.

But I can print at the RWC, right?

Yes! Students can print up to ten pages if they schedule an appointment with a writing tutor.

What else does the RWC do?

The Reading and Writing Center hosts workshops throughout the semester and our goal is not only to help students be better writers, but to be better students! Whether it’s time management, test preparation, or learning about different kinds of feedback, you can learn more about them by visiting R1A.

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